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A Huge Shout-out Our Young Residents on the South Mountain

Sometimes your faith in humanity is renewed. Recently four young residents of Kiwanis Homes have started to do their own clean-up of their complexes.

Thanks so much to Morgan, Nicole, Logan and Liam. You guys are awesome.

We really appreciate the efforts of our residents who go beyond the normal expectations. Sometimes we can learn from our youngest residents.

Here is what they said about their efforts.

Why did you clean up your neighborhood?

The survey gets dirty because people litter and i wanted to clean it up, my mom gave us gloves to use to pick up the garbage
We play in our playground and i want to keep it clean
Our earth needs to be healthy so we can be healthy
I helped a big group of people do it so i wanted to do it more when they are not here to keep it clean

What do you like about where you live?

I have a great park to play at in my survey and another one close to my house.
I like the people here, I have a lot of friends.
I like everything here, the park, my house, my friends.
I like visiting Tina at the community house, she always lets me know what’s going on.
Posted on: Sep 19, 2019

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