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Newsletter - July/August 2019

Summer is Finally here! And after the cool, wet spring temperatures we all experienced, warmer sunshine days are something to celebrate!

Now that school is out, extra caution when travelling through the surveys or driving near park areas is required. Children at play rarely think about safety and have been known to dart out onto a road way for a ball or run across a road to meet a friend. Parents, please help prevent children from darting out into the road by ensuring that your children are always supervised. Every parent knows if you look away for a split second that children could be in danger. Drivers, for the care of everyone, please slow down; a little extra caution in the neighbourhoods makes for a much safer summer.

On behalf of Kiwanis Homes, staff would like to congratulate all the graduates for completing the school year. For those continuing education students who still are thinking about how to pay for the upcoming term, applications to the Karen Davis Scholarship for Full Time Studies are available on the Kiwanis Homes website. If you would rather pick up a copy, please feel free to come to the main office at 281 Queenston Road to obtain a copy of the application. This scholarship is open to students who are registered full time (60% course load) and are registered tenants with Kiwanis Homes.

Summer weather brings about new challenges with pests entering our homes. Warm days encourages open windows and spending time outdoors. This may be when you notice the screens need repair or hornets are building nests near your doorway. As always when reporting pests, or requesting maintenance of any kind, please put this in writing and submit it either to your superintendent or directly to the office at 281 Queenston Road. Requests can also be faxed into our main office at 905-545-4884. Experiencing a maintenance emergency? You can call the Kiwanis Homes office at 905-545-4654 any time of any day. If it is during our regular office hours, your call will be directed to the appropriate person; after hours calls are handled by on-call staff.

For some of neighbours, our beloved pets and sometimes even our guests can be considered an annoyance or pest. Please be mindful of your neighbours with regards to excessive noise at any time day or night (music, loud gatherings, dogs barking, screaming children). There is a 24-hour noise by-law in the City of Hamilton. As a reminder, picking up after our pets (poop & scoop) is not only an obligation but is governed by the City of Hamilton by-law.

K.I.S.S./BBQ success story – In the month of June, Kiwanis Homes hosted two separate BBQ's in conjunction with community partners. The purpose of the BBQ's held in the park at Sanford Avenue North and the other at 595 Rymal Rd. E., was to consult directly with our community families about exploring ways that Kiwanis Homes can serve our communities better. We asked our tenants the following questions; What should Kiwanis Homes KEEP, IMPROVE, START & STOP? These questions provided helpful feedback from our families and we want to thank you for your input. Since that time, lists have been compiled and implementation efforts are being explored to provide positive change. Once again, Thank You to all that participated.

Throughout the month of July, you may notice the lights in our office are on long after the office is closed from regular service hours. Kiwanis Homes staff are inputting data in preparation for a computer software change effective August 1, 2019. You may notice some small changes to your paperwork but the information we are requesting or giving remains the same. There are no changes to the method of how your rent is calculated or the document collection we require from you. The new program will create a better work flow for staff and provide an easier method for your repairs to be issued to contractors. This is a learning curve for everyone, please be patient with us while we work out any software bugs over the next few weeks.

As a direct result of the multitude of preparation hours over and above the regular work week in advance of the software change, the Kiwanis Homes office will be closed Monday August 19, 2019 for the day. Our office will reopen with regular office hours at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. Please be mindful when arranging your schedules to come to the office that week. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Families can experience difficult times any time of the year and summer may bring about changes that you were not prepared for. If you need to access further assistance from within the community, the Hamilton Housing Help Centre at 119 Main Street East (905-526-8100) is a great resource. They have brochures listing community resources, emergency food locations and could help with direction to household goods and clothing.

Family together time, outdoor activities and exercise or spending time in nature are also great ways to work through difficult and stressful times. Get out and explore the many parks and recreation sites the City has to offer. Perhaps go to a new park every day. Small day trips to nearby conservation parks are a great way to have a mini vacation.

Kiwanis Homes hopes that you make the most of the warm weather and that your summer skips along merrily.

Communities are built better Together.

** A complete list of all staff, contact information, hours and resources are available on our staff contact page. **

Be sure to check for the website for updates on our office hours and any information changes that may apply to you. Please call our office at 905-545-4654 with any questions or concerns anytime from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday (closed for lunch from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.) and 8 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Fridays.

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Posted on: Aug 9, 2019

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