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Newsletter - March 2019

Finally, as the long, cold winter starts March-ing out, we get to turn our thoughts to the warmth and beauty of spring. With so many outdoor activities to look forward to, now is a good time to make a to-do list.

Where to begin? Some lists are easier to make then others.

A walk around the property in the spring sunshine is lovely but that is also when we see things that need repair from the damaging winter winds. Sometimes it may be a quick fix that you can do to keep your home looking tidy; a quick pick up of scattered newspapers or garbage, old leaves and small branches takes no time and provides a quick aesthetic. Other times, repairs may be a bigger, landlord kind of repair. Perhaps a fence is leaning, or some siding needs repair or there may be roof shingles littering the grass. If you witness these more serious kinds of damage to your home, please do not hesitate to contact your property manager or superintendent, in writing.

There is something about finally opening the windows to enjoy some fresh air that encourages interior spring cleaning. With the adjusted heating requirements, this is also a good time to remember to change furnace filters, thermostat and smoke detector batteries in your home, clean exhaust fans and ensure window screens are in good shape. Often the urge to purge takes over. Donating good condition but under- utilized items are helpful to others and sometimes a pick-up can be arranged. Removing bulk garbage items can also be arranged simply by calling 905-545-CITY City of Hamilton, to arrange a pick-up date – usually alongside your regular garbage day to make de-cluttering easier. Regular garbage removal helps minimize pests and rodents that may be in the area and prevent them from nesting near or in your home.

Unfortunately, not everything about spring is about gentle winds and soft raindrops. Sometimes, heavy rains, melting snow and partially frozen ground can cause water damage inside our homes. If you notice water collecting in your basement, coming through the roof or sometimes around a closed window, please contact your property manager. As frustrating as it is, patience is often needed for this kind of repair; most repairs of this nature require a dry opportunity for repairs to seal correctly. Home maintenance is inevitable. Some minor repairs can be done by you, the tenant, such as regular housekeeping, garbage removal, changing light bulbs, batteries and filters along with cutting grass and weeds in the summer and shoveling in the winter.

Other repairs may be more involved and require a professional plumber, electrician or general contractor. Please provide a letter or email to your property manager advising of the necessary repairs as they occur; please ensure that you provide your address and the best phone number to reach you. The repair will be assigned to one of our professional contractors who will contact you to arrange an agreed upon time to facilitate the repair.

Emergencies such as a fire or flood need to be reported right away. Once you and your family are in a safe location, call 911 or the necessary emergency service directly if you know the number; then, call the main office at 905-545-4654 day or night. In the event that your emergency occurs after office hours, your call will be handled by an answering service who will contact one of our available staff to assist you with the emergency.

Non-emergency POLICE – 905-545-4925
City of Hamilton – 905-546-2424

The warming days of spring often cause us to linger in the sunshine and we look for opportunities to be outside and enjoy the day. If you are a pet owner you are likely familiar with the need to keep your pet leashed and the stoop and scoop bylaws. As a reminder, melting snow and thawing ground may reveal some hidden "treasures" that were not picked up during the winter. Please also be aware how barking and whining dogs left outside can negatively impact other people who are also outside. Good neighbour relations happen when we are mindful of other people and great communities occur when families work together to benefit each other.

A complete list of all staff contact information can be found on our staff contact page. Be sure to check back here for updates on our office hours and any information changes that may apply to you. Please call our office at 905-545-4654 with any questions or concerns anytime from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday (closed for lunch from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.) and 8 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Fridays.

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Posted on: Feb 28, 2019

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